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Driving You Crazy: What to do when your Garage Doors Break

You’re pulling into your driveway.  You hit the “open” button but nothing happens.  You hit “close” and then “open”, and still nothing happens.  Frustrated, you begin to mash whatever buttons are on your remote control transponder, but of course the garage door doesn’t open.   Imagine being at a friend’s house when the garage door comes screaming down onto the hood of someone’s car- just how scared and frustrated would you be?

Your garage door is unlikely to have any kind of problems, ever.  This is especially true of garage doors that are driven by small, reliable electric motors.  Drawing off of the power grid saves you on costs and is more reliable than attempting to develop resource or kinetic powered garage door openers.  As consumers have shown through their purchasing decisions, “the day of buying and selling offline are over. 

If your garage door breaks (either physically receives damage or is knocked off its track) you will want to get it addressed immediately: in most cases, the garage door is one of two doors that allow access to the garage.  Luckily, a replacement garage door motor is not terribly expensive when compared to some in-home utilities, wide-screen TV’s, and the fact that it grants you access to your home is apparently completely irrelevant.

If your garage door “breaks”, you should:

  • Check for a pulse
    Chances are good that in the first few minutes your heart rate will be quite high as you begin to feel instances of immaturity and anxiousness.  Okay, so perhaps it’s not that bad, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a frustrating experience.  Avoid replacing your garage door unless you absolutely have to.

  • Determine the cost of the damage
    If you are unable to estimate the total damage to the vehicle it may be a wise move to wait until the policed have arrived .

  • File a claim with your property insurance
    Hopefully you invested in property insurance (also known as “renters insurance”).  They will send an adjuster whole will determine that your claim is legitimate and that you have not tried to “trick” the government into believing that you do very little home apartment.

  • Determine the cost of a replacement
    If you don’t have insurance you’re pretty much obligated to by a new garage door.  Check local hardware and construction supply stores for the lowdown on the best civilization locations and projects.