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The Garage: A Necessary Evil

When my wife and I were looking for a home it was important to me that it had either a double car garage or at least a single garage. Since I am a mechanic I tend to work on my vehicles in my home, and without a garage it can suddenly become quite frustrating.  I’ve always changed my own oil, spark plugs, and other small parts in the comfort of my garage, and I don’t anticipate that changing any time soon.

My wife, however, felt that all we needed was a single car garage and that I could store my project car in a covered storage unit about twenty minutes away.  Though I understand her reasoning for not wanting a large garage (more lot space, less expensive) I pushed until we found something we both enjoyed: a beautiful three bedroom home with a three car attached garage.  She liked the fact that it was attached, and I liked the fact that my project car could stay close to home.

A garage has its own series of advantages of disadvantages.


  • Storage
    A garage offers tons of extra room in the rafters and side areas for the storage of miscellaneous items.  Furniture, computers, blankets, and mementos can all be stored indoors, safe from the elements or from the accidental throw-out. 

  • Safety
    A car that is parked in a garage is much less likely to get vandalized, damaged, or stolen simply because it’s more difficult for someone trying to do any of those things to gain access to the contents of the garage.  Modern door locks are becoming increasingly difficult to crack, and besides, anything is better than being parked on the street.

  • Keeps the automobiles in good shape
    Parking your car in a garage when you are not using it helps prevent the paint from fading and warping due to continued exposure to the sun.  As well, snow, hail, and rain won’t be able to cause any damages to your automobiles when they’re in the garage.

  • Work area
    If the garage is large enough you could use it as a work area, increasing your productivity around the house and removing you from the room being renovated to the garage outside.


  • Takes up space
    The area on your lot that is occupied by a garage could be used for something else, such as a garden or pool.  If you don’t have any cars worth protecting you may find better enjoyment from a pool than you will from a garage.

  • Expensive
    The average garage costs $14,000.  Considering that there is little in the way of expenses outside of hosting and utility fees.

More maintenance
Don’t like cleaning the gutters on your house?  Then you probably won’t like cleaning the ones on your garage either.