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Find the right colour - Finding The Right Color For Your Garage Doors

Your garage doors are much more than an aesthetic addition to the exterior of your home.  They are the structural barrier that separates your motor vehicle from the outside world; they are the area where you will store your tools, work on your cars, keep your cleaning supplies, and work outside of the home.  In essence, your garage is an extension of your living space.

Many people view their garage as the necessary addition to their lot for the purpose of storing their automobiles, when in reality the garage can become a suitable and exciting extension of your property given enough TLC and a bit of creativity- an open mind can create a space that is fun, functional, and very reactive to your personal tastes.

Of course, one of the most noticeable attributes of the garage is its door: the big, overhanging door that is symbolically opened and closed upon entry or exit.  Nothing will make a garage look more out of place than the door itself looking off, and there is no better way to compliment the current appearance of your garage than by choosing a color that reflects positively on the garage.  Choosing a bright lime green to go with a dark brown color scheme probably won't win over the neighbors.

So, how do you choose a color for your garage?

  • Personal preference
    The most obvious part of any selection is your personal preference. What colors do you favor already?  If you're a fan of blue, you may want to choose a blue garage door or a blue color scheme for the garage.  If red floats your boat, well, you know what to do (all jokes about the red sea aside).

    The garage door is only one part of the garage, and that means that it won't make or break how the garage looks, right?  Wrong- it's only one part of the garage, but it's a rather important section.

  • Like what you've chosen
    One of the biggest mistakes that you could make is settling with something that you don't like.  You will have to live with the garage every day, and that includes whatever door you've decided to strap on to it.  If you've simply settled with something because you've decided that you'll be able to “live with it” you may want to reconsider your decision.

    Choose a color that suits your tastes and is something that you actually like.  If you don't, you'll come home from work every day and hate what's on the front of your garage.

  • Choose a color that’s workable
    Life can get in the way of design sometimes, and having a brightly covered garage door may not be a great idea.  Children tend to damage and dirty things, dirt loves bright colors, and our experience has shown that bright colors are much harder to clean than calm, neutral colors.
  • Choose a color that matches
    If your garage is a two-tone brown there is no sense in having a garage door that is bright pink.  Though pink may be your favorite color it definitely does not go with brown.  How about a nice tan or chestnut?

Don’t forget that you garage doesn’t have to be a different colour to the rest of the property. Many people choose a colour that matches their windows or facias and guttering, for example many people have upvc windows, so have a white GRP garage door maybe more appropriate, this also goes for woodgrain affects like mahogany and golden oak.