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Four Reasons Your Garage Doors Are Making Your Home Look Bad

Your home is probably beautiful- a testament to years of hard work, tireless maintenance, and buckets of your blood, sweat, and tears.  Things like a well manicured lawn, tastefully placed flower gardens, and intricate paint schemes can really add visual appeal and value to a home.  Of course, all it takes is one off element to throw off the entire design (look at the new Volkswagen Jetta- what were they thinking will all that Chrome?). 

We’re referring to your garage door (as you can probably imagine given the title of this article), and before you disregard the notion we think that you need to give it some serious thought.  When you make modifications to your home, such as when you decided to paint it or change the eavestroughs, did you even think about your garage door at all?  It’s doubtful, and for that reason the garage door is probably your Achilles heel- the one weakness in an otherwise stellar home.

Your garage door is making your home look bad for four different reasons:

  1. It doesn’t match
    You have brand new siding, fascia, eavestroughs, and shingles, yet your garage door is from the stone age (or when the home was built).  With all of the money that you have invested into the exterior of your home why haven’t you updated the look of your garage door at all?

    Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint or even a bit of sanding and refinishing can completely change the look and feel of your garage door, revitalizing it and making it look as good as the rest of your home.

  2. It’s damaged
    The years have been hard on your garage door, and after bearing wind, rain, snow, hail, and baking sun, it is starting to finally show its age.  The paint is peeling, the hinges are rusted, and the there are dents and scratches all over it.  From a distance it doesn’t look too bad, but as soon as you’re up close every imperfection because blindingly clear.

    No one wants to look at a damaged garage door, as it’s not attractive.  Unfortunately, the garage door is a rather significant part of your home’s exterior and it is generally highly visible.  Rather than cringe every time you see it perhaps it’s time to either break out the belt sander and sand it down and refinish it, or it’s time to replace it.  Either way, doing something about it will completely change the appearance of your garage.

  3. It’s filthy
    The exterior of your garage door is probably filthy from years of weather, dust, sunlight, and insects.  The windows are probably dingy and covered in a thick layer of gunk, and the exterior is likely coated in an invisible shroud of dust.  This is relatively common, and a bit of soap and water can act as a quick fix.

  4. It’s too obvious
    Having your garage door act as an immediate attention getting detracts from the appearance of the rest of the home.  Try to tone it down by using neutral colors when you paint it.  You want people to focus on your home, not your garage door.