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There are many style and designs of garage doors available, different type such as roller garage doors, sectional garage doors, and the well known up and over garage door.

garage doorsMany of these doors and manual, but nowadays many people do decide on an electric garage door, which means that you no longer need to get out of the car to open the garage door. Not everybody would use the garage door due to the fact that it can be a tedious task to get out of the car and open it, so the car would get left in the driveway instead.

Now the various styles and having an automatic garage door is available to everyone.

Choose from various styles and finishes, a GRP garage door is very strong. GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) is a light but exceptionally strong laminate that replicates any mould in exceptionally fine detail, and not only can you choose from various colours such as white, but why not consider a wood finish door, from various shades, timber and woodgrain effect. You can also decide on whether you wish your garage door to have windows, glazed in all various sizes and shapes. The great thing about wood finish GRP doors is that they are easy maintenance and they will not shrink or warp, unlike real wood, nor flake or rust, unlike steel doors.

Whatever you decide it will complement with rest of your home perfectly, or to match another home improvement project you are installing at the same time, such as windows, guttering or a conservatory.

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Open and close your garage door at the touch of button.

When you get home from work or shopping, struggling with the garage door is the last thing you want to do. An automatic garage door allows you easy access into your garage at the touch of a button, all from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

As the door opens, a built in light comes on automatically and stays lit for 2 minutes to give you ample time to lock up and leave the garage.

When the door is opening and closing it does not swing outwards, and has separate up and down buttons for additional safety. Automatic garage doors are fitted with a sensor to detect any obstruction beneath the door as it shuts, protecting you, your children and pets. This will also ensure that the garage door will not come down whilst your car is under it, so protecting your car from any form of damage, such as scratches and dents.

Choose from the convenience and security of an automatic roller garage door or the real wood look of an automatic Panelled Garage Door.

Many Garage Doors now offer additional features…

Integral Alarms
Roller Garage Doors are leading the market with the introduction of fully alarmed doors as standard, all fitted with a 110 decibel alarm designed to prevent break-ins.

Latest security technology
Other security features include internal lights that are activated as the garage door rolls up, and stay on as you park your car until you close the door. The automatic locking system means you don’t need additional keys, and with no handles on the outside of the door, there is nothing to help unwanted entry. If your garage is attached to your house, this is a valuable extra security measure.

Warm and weatherproof
No gaps ensure excellent weatherproofing keeping your garage warm. The door can also be battery operated in the event of power failure. A double skinned aluminium door with a foam filling and a rubber seal really keeps the heat in and the cold out.

Pushing the boundaries of space
The roller box takes up just 300mm of roof space, to maximise head room in the garage roof. In the majority of cases, the width of your garage opening can be increased by fitting the door internally. This is particularly advantageous on single garage doors.

Tailor-made and fitted quickly
All doors can be tailor–made to your exact specifications from a wide choice of colours and combinations.

To request a Garage Door Brochure, click here. Find a company that operates in your local area.